Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Qandeel Baloch Murdered in the name of Honour !!!

Following the cold blooded murder of Social media celebrity and model Qandeel Baloch, mixed reactions broke out over the Internet about the confession of her brother. Thousands of people were of the opinion that Ms.Baloch deserved to be killed on the context of her scandalous videos and her brother’s actions were justified. Dr.Pirzada,  commenting on the social ill that is the hypocritical perception of honor killing, said that Pakistanis created the sensation themselves. Qandeel was merely a poor girl trying to make it big, Pakistanis have this hypocrisy integrated in their roots; family honor and respect are only considered abrogated when a girl in the family is involved in a socially unacceptable act (which in itself is a question) it does not get in the way when a man commits a felony