Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Response in USA over PM Sharif’s family name in Panama papers !!!

The topic under discussion in this segment of “Tonight with Dr Moeed Pirzada” is concerns of Pakistani origin Americans and American Academician’s concerns over Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family’s names in Panama papers leaks. Dr Shahbaz Gill a professor of International Business University of Illinois Urbana Champaign USA in this exclusive discussion told that almost 80 Pakistani origin Americans and US citizens had written letters to respective state’s US senators and requested them to highlight issue of alleged corruption of Pakistani Prime minister for owning four offshore companies as revealed by Panama Leaks. He said that this campaign will get gradually more famous as more people will come and join in this cause.While giving perspective of people joining this campaign, Dr Shahbaz said that US must be clear that it will not continue to fund until Pakistani government investigates this corruptions because our hard earned money is not to support these corrupt leaders.  Dr shahbaz stressed the need to develop a mechanism so that Secretary of state can satisfy the US congress and Senate if the funds given to other countries for public sector development was actually used for the same purpose. He also said that hypocrisy of Western world should also be exposed. Legislation should be made to question and financial disclosures by the heads of states getting US funds while investing in offshore companies and properties. Heads of the states should declare their assets and sources before investing in offshore properties. Dr Shahbaz said that in a democratic Government Prime minister should be accountable to give reply to queries and establishment’s role is not to watch quietly and jump in suddenly in form of Martial law. Also not only US funds but all international financial institution like IMF, WORLD BANK, ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK etc should make sure before giving loans to countries that it is actually spent for the purpose of Public development purpose.