Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Sarfaraz Bugti commenting on the Balochistan state of Affairs !!!

Provincial Minister for Interior Provincial Balochistan,  Mr. Sarfaraz Bugti participated to comment on the unfurling uproar situation in Balochistan after the Quetta carnage.
On the matter of Kulbushan Yadav, the Indian saboteur, Mr.Bugti said that the capture lead to the apprehension of many insurgent groups. He said that the Indian commander had provided with very useful Intel.
Addressing the rebellious factions, the minister said that he was confident that it was less than one percent of the total baloch population. He said that separatists were traitors and Mr.Harbiar Murree and Mr. Baramdagh Bugti were leading on that little faction.
Mr. Bugti said that NDS and RAW nexus have infiltrated Pakistan for the mere sake of destroying the country.