Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Sherry, Capitol Hill and the Indian guns !!!

In light of recent events and the hostile demeanor adapted by the Indian government, analyses have erupted from every direction as to how things will unfold. The ex-information minister and Ex – ambassador to the United States, Miss Sherry Rehman joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada and analyzed the scenario. Commenting on the Prime Minister’s United Nations General Assembly address, Miss Rehman said that Kulbushan Yadav could’ve been slid into the speech. That was a loophole which left a lot of loose ends. She said that the government should not adapt a reactive policy. She said that the diplomacy methods adapted by the government are outdated; 19th century diplomatic methods cannot be applied into the 21st century. She also denied the controversial alleged statement made by the Ex president Mr.Asif Ali Zardari regarding surgical strikes into Pakistani soil. She said that this allegation is simply outrageous.