Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Silence of Muslim States on Trump’s Ban Order

Dr Moeed Pirzada discussed the Trump’s ban order and response of Muslim world with Mufti Muhammad Naeem, head of Jamia Banoria Karachi.
Ban on seven Muslim countries by President Donald Trump has caused huge debate in United States and West. Many people came out to protest Trump’s executive order and in solidarity with Muslims and Syrian refugees. But there has none from the rest of the Muslim states condemned the ban loudly, in fact some of the Arab state defended the ban saying there is nothing Islamophobic in this ban, while some of the Muslims states said that it internal matter of US.
Mufti Naeem clearly said that Quran teaches us that Christians and Jews can’t be friends of Muslims. Those who are speaking against Muslims ban are just portraying to be kind with Muslims. Dr. Pirzada argued that US court are declaring the ban as illegal act and have dismissed the executive order by President Trump on seven Muslim states. Mufti Naeem said that American have always justified their illegal acts in the name of national security.
Dr Pirzada inquired that why Muslims always want to move to US? Does West’s democracy impress Muslims? While Muslim/Arab states do not grant citizenship to Muslims even. Mufti Naeem responded that it’s not the west’s democracy. It’s due to the economic conditions and the ruling elite in our country that people are leaving their homeland.