Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Tax Experts on Panama Leaks !!!


An exclusive discussion with Tax Expert Dr Ikaram ul Haq on issue of PM nawaz sharif’s children name in world famous Panama paper leaks which shows how a law firm Fonseca Mossack helped people to evade taxes in form of offshore companies.
Dr Ikramul haq during interview suggested that it is in best interest of Prime Minster to get his name clear from the Panama leaks scandal if he is not guilty. Dr Ikarm said that Government should constitute joint committee of parliament and Supreme Court to probe the matter. Even joint session of parliament should be called to discuss the subject. And even services of international Accounting firms can be hired to investigate this matter.
Dr Ikramul haq revealed that international consortium of investigative journalists representative journalists from Pakistan sent questionnaire though email to Hussain Nawaz few months back but instead of replting Hussain Nawaz in few TV interviews admitted that they have off shore companies because they knew this issue will be highlighted soon. He also mentioned that joint initiative of World Bank and United Office for Drugs and crime named STAR (stolen Asset Recovery Initiative) case 147 also shows that PM nawaz sharif is beneficiary owner of two offshore companies.


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