Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: The Muslim Slayer ” Narendra Modi’s savage history”

The Muslim Slayer: Narendra Modi’s savage history!
Mr. Narendra Modi, the savage premier of India, has a dark history. Prior to being the country’s Prime Minister, he was accused of being responsible for the 2002 Gujrat riots that led to the slaughter of hundreds of Muslims. Narendra Modi is at the other edge of hypocrisy when he’s seen as a beacon of peaceful coexistence.
Doctor Moeed Pirzada presented a time line for Mr.Modi’s atrocities against the religious minorities especially Muslims. Doctor Pirzada revealed how Mr.Modi of the BJP has been the clandestine operator of these massacres and heinous crimes. In the Gujrat riots, a very senior member of the Indian intelligence gave testimony against Mr.Modi.