Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: The Secret Meeting: Is the government serious in its investigation?

Cyril Almeida gained international recognition after he published a narration about the supposed happenings of a high level secret assemblage chaired by the Prime Minister and attended by the Spy Chief amongst others. In such turbulent times, with India on the verge of exploding in its own anger, this story came as an international shock. The content contained a shocking exclamation: the Spy Chief Gen.Rizwan Akhtar was confronted by the CM of Punjab. These allegations made immediate headlines and served as fodder for the Indian media. The Pakistani government put a travel ban on the journalist in question and the interior minister addressed public queries in a press briefing. Questions however, remained unanswered. What exactly happened? Who was in attendance? Why was the journalist banned and not the newspaper? Why were the people who leaked this information not probed or apprehended? Who was the black horse? To address the query of whether if the disclosure of official secrets is a punishable offense, former Law Minister and expert Khalid Ranjha joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada via satellite link. Mr. Ranjha said that under the 1923 Official Secrets act, the disclosure of classified information could get an individual 2 – 14 years in prison. He also said that the way the government was dealing with this matter was not at all mature. He was also of the opinion that the journalist was not to be questioned first; the real culprits are the people who leaked this information firsthand.