Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: What is India’s next move? An unexpected expert on the region sheds light!

┬áMichael Kugelman, a vibrant young intellectual from Washington, has a very unique expertise: he has a deep insight into Pakistani and Indian politics. Michael Kugelman predicted, in a piece in the Diplomat on 24th September, that India might stage some sort of military skirmish within the region. A few days later, the world sat witness as India launched into a hysterical fit of “surgical strikes” We reached out to this young journalist, who is a senior associate for South Asian affairs at the Woodrow Wilson institute. He said that India is still very turbulent. It is extremely serious in its resolve to isolate Pakistan and will surgical stop at nothing to achieve that. Mr.Kugelman said that the US and India are not strategic partners, India and the US do not have enough mutual trust to form a strategic partnership. As for the US-Pak relations, he said that Pakistan was important to the US in the Afghan war era. After that, the US does not feel the need to keep up the charade of improvising relations with Pakistan. He said that the atrocities in Kashmir were barbaric and inhumane and India could not find a justification for such acts. Addressing a very different query, he said that he stood by his stance of Imran Khan and Donald Trump being different people. He said that Khan spoke to the people, people can relate to him in ways that Trump cannot.