Admiral Mike Mullen & Anne W Patterson’s Special talk with Dr. Pirzada

An exclusive discussion with US Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Patterson. The discussion was exclusively recorded for Dunya News on 17th December, 2010. Interview was conducted with Admiral Mullen visited Pakistan to discuss with civil and military leadership the new strategic vision of Obama administration for Pakistan and Afghanistan. US admiral Mike Mullen was known for his strong strategic knowledge about central and south Asian countries. Dr Pirzada asked him hard hitting questions like did he get to hear the truth when he used to meet the military and civilian leadership in Pakistan? Interview was conducted when SWAT military operation was in full swing and Pakistani military leadership was achieving its targets in Sawat valley. Mike Mullen showed his satisfaction over the operation and his condolences to the losses of life during the operation. He discussed that he went to the field himself and realized the requirements and resources not only on military grounds but on civilian side as well. He assured that Pakistan is an important ally and friend of US and US government is keen to support and help Pakistan in different field.