Imran Khan in an Exclusive discussion with Dr. Moeed Pirzada


Imran Khan in an exclusive discussion with Dr. Moeed Pirzada in year 2010 and discussed future of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf in Pakistan’s Politics. Interview recorded on 12th December, 2010. It was the time when Imran Khan suggested to the Government that on willingness of government Imran Khan can talk to the tribals and Taliban for the dialogues between them and Government to find political solution of the conflict but he suggested that government must guarantee that these dialogues and the solution should be kept free from pressures of US. And Imran Khan revealed that Taliban’s few fractions have contacted himself and showed confidence to play this role but government has not replied on this offer.
In the show it was discussed that how realistic and wise is this offer of Imran Khan as a politician? Imran Khan strongly presented his argument that military solution should not be last option as India also wants Pakistani army to get involved in military operation against militants but India has never been well wisher of Pakistan. Imran Khan said that even Interior minister Rehman malik mentioned that India is involved in terrorism activities in the country. He gave an example that after fighting and conducting military operations against Taliban for more than eight years in Afghanistan, now US agreed to get involved in dialogues and negotiations. He said Hamid Karzai always opposed Mulla Umar but now he realized that military actions are not long lasting solutions so he is welcoming even Ameer of Taliban Mulla Umar for dialogues .
Imran Khan argued that if Afghanistan can do it than why shouldn’t Pakistan do it and go for dialogues instead of military operations against Taliban. He also said that after every military operation extremism increase.


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