Altaf Hussain resurfaces in MQM Yom-e-Tasees; Will that restore the lost confidence?

Nabeel Gabol, Ex-Minister Ports & Shipping who had left MQM complaining of ‘strict control and discipline’ offers his analysis of current MQM Politics. After Mustafa Kamal & Anis Kaimkhani rebellion, MQM looked like facing its worst crisis since the ban on Altaf Hussain’s speeches and linkages shown with Indian Spy agency RAW. Nabeel Gabol mentioned deteriorating health and mental issues of Altaf Hussain which is the biggest challenge for MQM leaders sitting in karachi, while commenting onĀ Altaf Hussain appearance in MQM Yom-e-Tasees. Does he thinks this Will restore the lost confidence of MQM? He said things are moving on a fast track so it would be early to comment on such subjects. Clear picture of Karachi politics would surface near General Elections 2018.