Ch. Nisar Press Briefing on American Drone Attack !!!

The federal minister for interior affairs Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan called upon members of the press to announce the official stance of the Pakistani government on the recent drone killing of Taliban commander Mullah Mansoor, by the United States. The minister said that the killing of Mullah Mansoor inside Pakistani territory was absolutely out of any permeable context. He said that had Mullah Mansoor been a hurdle, as the US government states, the Murree peace dialogues would never have happened. The murree dialogues were a milestone in the strive for regional harmony and stability and as observers, US and Chinese representatives were also present. Moreover, the accused Haqqani group had also sent a representative to sit through the dialogue. 31st of July was decided for another round of dialogues, and three days prior to that a controversial news was deliberately leaked to sabotage the dialogue. The top priority on the agenda was the declaration of Kabul as a conflict-free zone. This was agreed upon by the Taliban, but the whole process was sabotaged and brought to square one. The minister commented that we cannot expect to kill their leader with a drone and ask them to come to a dialogue. He further added that Pakistan has been cornered into a very difficult situation. Mullah Mansoor, if he was in fact such a threat, could have been killed anywhere else. He was being tracked, he had traveled to Iran, Bahrain, Dubai and stayed in Afghanistan; was he not a threat then? The incentive isn’t clear, as to why this attack took place in Pakistan, out of all the countries. No incentive for this attack is permissible. A territorial violation of this nature could have serious implications on Pak-US diplomatic relations. The US Government stating that whoever is a threat to the United states, wherever he may be, will be targeted, is a direct abrogation of international laws. Mr Khan went on to state that if every country in the world adapts this demeanor then the world would turn to total chaos. The minister said that the Pakistani government strongly condemns this drone attack. The incentive that was given to the world for this attack by the US is illegal, it is without cause, unacceptable, against the sovereignty and independence of Pakistan and in complete violation of the UN charter and international legislature.