Janjua Press Briefing About Peace Process with Taliban !!!

Lieutenant General (R) Nasir Janjua, the National Security Advisor to the state spoke to the press regarding the TTP-PAKISTAN-US scenario and build-up. This was a few days prior to the drone attack on the Taliban Leader Mullah Mansoor. The General said that the US chooses the convenient path of blame shifting when it comes to dealing with its failures. There are reasons for not succeeding, but for the US government blaming the Taliban, Haqqani network and Pakistan just suffices. General Janjua said that you cannot expect a man to agree to a dialogue, after you’ve slapped him. That, he said, was how a decade was wasted. General Janjua said that in the current situation, the peace process which was initiated and brought to murree, was destroyed and it is extremely hard to re initiate that. The NSA commented that if there is a fragile political dispensation, a question that is to be asked is what is it that the Taliban seek? After all, he said, they have been a part of this for so long. Gen.Janjua said that it is between the other players. Pakistan is a mere facilitator, like everyone else. Then why is every blame put on Pakistan? The world has yet to realize how treacherous the terrain is, and while Pakistan is striving hard to protect itself and take care of everything, there is nobody on the other end. He said that the international community is oblivious of the fact that while Pakistan wants to fence the border, Afghanistan doesn’t. That is why the continuous border violation is so easy and convenient. The world doesn’t wish to relieve Pakistan of the Afghan refugees. Most of these facilitate the Taliban and provide them with sanctuaries. He commented on the hypocrisy; you want to defend your house, but there are no boundary walls or doors. He stressed upon the need for clearer narratives on the US and Afghan ends.