Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: What Strategic Game is US Playing? !!!

Dr. Moeed Pirzada in the first segment on Friday, 27th May, 2016 expressed his deep concerns over the American’s recent activity in the region. What they actually trying to get? Are they trying to increase chaos to keep their presence in the region for longer time and to flourish ISIS in Afghanistan which will make justification for them to keep their forces in Afghanistan? Dr. Pirzada said that there was a report of Foreign Affairs magazine that Russians and Talibans had established relations and had been collaborating with each other against ISIS. Similar reports were also seen about Tehran and Taliban’s relations. But the question arises that what actually Americans want to achieve?
US President Barak Obama in Hiroshima on Friday said that conflicts should be resolved through diplomacy. But few days back after the drone attack on Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, President Obama and US Foreign Secretary John Kerry portrayed that he was serious threat for US forces in Afghanistan. Dr. Pirzada showed some figures of fatality rate of American forces in Afghanistan in which only three American forces were targeted in 2016 and only 27 in 2015 which weaken American stance. Dr. Pirzada backed Federal Interior Minister Ch. Nisar’s stance, who said that Talibans were in favor on declaring Kabul No-Conflict Zone during Murree Peace Process in June 2015 and just before second round, peace talk was sabotaged by leaking the death news of Mullah Omer by NDS.
Dr. Pirzada also pointed out that Taliban’s late leader Mullah Mansoor have been travelling around the world for negotiation in Germany, China, Qatar, etc, but why he was targeted in Pakistan. He also expressed his concerns over yesturday’s arrests of six NDS agents who were under direct supervisions of three Afghan Generals.
Question arises that what US wants to do and what strategic game is being played in the region?