MQM Drama in Karachi: Who is playing the game? Altaf, Farooq Sattar or RAW?

Doctor Moeed Pirzada analyzed the MQM situation, the confusing state of affairs and the possible outcomes. People, in general, are suspicious of the whole affair. The supposed “declaration of independence” from the London wing of MQM by Doctor Farooq Sattar is not too believable owing to the fact that the MQM party structures are built around the founder Altaf Hussein. From major decision making to micro management, the whole nexus is webbed around the MQM chief. So the picture painted by doctor Farooq Sattar might not be what actually is. Moreover, the Rabta committee has been dissolved many times in the past. The demand for banning MQM is a very delusional one. MQM is embedded into the deep roots of the Karachi – Hyderabad political spectrums. The need of the hour, is that the politicians and members who are afraid to stand up to Altaf Hussein, be given reassurances and protection so that the problem can be resolved. The objection of the British authorities about the language barrier and the words of Mr.Hussin not being tangible enough for prosecution, is a baseless argument as there are video evidences and transcripts. It is the test of the interior ministry now, as to how they proceed with this case.