What a political circus? Waseem Akhtar will run Karachi from Jail? On a laptop or IPhone?

Former Inspector General of Police, Tahir Alam Khan joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada on his show to elaborate the technicalities of the Altaf Hussein fiasco and the imprisoned Mayor of Karachi, Mr. Waseem Akhtar. Addressing the Mayor issue, Mr. Alam said that the prosecution procedure of public office holders is often influenced and slow. It is hindered by the fear and oppression of power. Mr. Alam said if someone dies in custody, be it any reason, the investigating officers and captors have to face the consequences. The police are oppressed and have minimal liberties when it comes to dealing with such cases. He said that prosecution procedures need improvising. The IGP explained that there are two wings of police operative in Karachi; the operational wing and the investigation wing. The operational wing, he said, is much more functional, aggressive and liberated. Contrarily, weaker officers and easily influenced people are appointed in the investigation wing to create loopholes. Commenting on the recent uproar caused by Mr. Altaf Hussein’s antagonistic statements, he said that Pakistan needs to issue a red warrant and bring Mr. Hussein into custody immediately.