The Chief of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mr. Mustafa Kamal joined in to comment on the chain of events in Karachi, the political equilibrium and the stance of his recently formed political party. Expressing his views on the apparently rebellious route taken by Mr. Farooq Sattar, Mr. Kamal said that Farooq Sattar does not possess a rebellious element within him. He alleged that Altaf Hussein has previously abused Pakistan in front of Farooq Sattar multiple times. The PSP chief was of the opinion that the MQM founder Mr. Altaf Hussein cannot see anyone else heading the party as long as he’s alive. He also expressed his clear views on the alleged alliance between Indian stakeholders and Mr.Altaf Hussein. He said that Mr.Altaf Hussein and the Indian miscreants have been allies for two decades. Mr.Kamal was of the opinion that London will take any actions whatsoever against any complaints that the Pakistani authorities register against him. He further said that Mr.Farooq Sattar is manipulating the migrants and Pakistanis for his own benefits.