Dr. Maleeha Lodhi Former Ambassador in an exclusive interview with Dr. Moeed Pirzada


Interview was done just at the time of General Elections 2013. Dr Maleeha lodhi is former ambassador and a political commentator. In this program Dr pirzada discusses with her Elections 2013 scenario, how it was different from 2008 elections, what would be challenges for new Government etc.

Dr maleeha lodhi was of the view that 2013 elections were totally different from 2008 Elections as there were only two parties at that time with real competition one was PPP and rest anti PPP. But in 2013 PTI was also a stake holder and three parties were in competition in almost 60% of National Assembly seats. She also said that PPP was not virtually present in the scenario and the vote they gained in 2008 also consisted of sympathy votes after death of their leader Benazir Bhutto. She also criticizes strategy of PPP to run add campaign against PMLN as that would affect their credibility in elections 2013 which shows that PPP has nothing to offer to the masses so they are criticizing PMLN in the election campaigns. She also said that PPP thought that their real opponents in elections 2013 is PMLN and PTI will not affect the vote count of PPP.

She also said that due to addition of new young voters the lansdscape of 2013 elections will be changed as well.


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