Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz in an exclusive interview with Moeed Pirzada Current


Exclusive Interview of Foreign Minister Mr. Sartaj Aziz With Dr. Moeed Pirzada. The interview was held just after Sartaj Aziz visit to US to discuss US Pakistan new strategic dialogues round. Pakistan relations with US , India and Afghanistan were discussed with Sartaj Aziz in this program.
Sartaj Aziz said that on ministerial level our strategic dialogues started in 2010 but the process derailed after three important events including case of Raymond davis, OBL operation and Salala base accident.
Dr Pirzada asked him about the basis of Pak US strategic dialogues. He replied that basis of positive relationship is not fully decided yet as we were given small strategic role during Soviet’s invasion in Afghanistan and we signed seato and cento pacts. He said that we are also curious to protect our interests while maintaining these strategic dialogues.
His book named “Between dreams and realities” was also discussed during interview. He expressed need for Pakistan to become strong hold of progressive and modern Islam that will increase country’s importance as well.
He accepted that whenever west needed us there was an ouster in the power. Like Ayub khan, Ziaul haq and then Pervez musharraf. And one of the reason why US had issues with Nawaz government in 1999 was nuclear tests as he became threat for them to appear as an independent leader. So they wanted to change him and obviously some domestic factors were also involved in it.


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