Jaswant Singh’s Exclusive Talk with Dr. Pirzada, Part-2


Dr. Moeed Pirzada’s exclusive discussion with Jaswant Singh, Ex Indian Foreign & Defense Minister. Interview was recorded in Delhi, India on 25th December, 2010 after the launch of Jaswant Singh’s controversial book titled Jinnah – India, Partition, Independence. On 19 August 2009 Jaswant Singh was expelled from BJP after criticism over his remarks in his book which allegedly praised the founder of Pakistan. In his interview Jaswant sigh explained that Jinnah was great leader and due to his book on Jinnah people realized importance of Jinnah.
He said that partition of subcontinent was the greatest trauma of the 20th Century. He said humanity suffered forms this partition. He said there is still that line of blood between two countries India and Pakistan and there is need to demonize between both countries. We started distorting the facts and history. He said that main reason for partition was to bring peace in the countries but unfortunately we don’t see peace in India Pakistan and Bangladesh. He said that obviously no one can erase the borders now but at least India Pakistan should work with each other and it is also his dream to see Peace in Pakistan and India.
He said that India and Pakistan are neighbors and it is illogical to say that one will not get affected form distress in neighboring country. He said that it was quality of Muhammad Ali Jinnah that he was a logicians who had irrefutable logic. He said in the program that Jinnah was of very compromising nature but Jawahr Lal Nehru was in hurry to take the hold of government after British were leaving. He said that it was a mistake but that doesn’t mean that I deny the existence of two countries.


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