Miss Nighat DaaD Analysis on Cyber Crime !!!

Miss Nighat Daad, prominent Cyber-activist, lawyer and founder of the Digital Rights foundation expressed her views on the Cyber crime bill that was passed on the 26th of April, 2016.
Miss Nighat was of the opinion that the bill had not been worked over. She said that only 3 to 4 drafts had been compiled and when the bill was presented, the opposition was not paid heed to. The drafts were uploaded on the National Assembly’s website while the comprehensive bill was uploaded 2 weeks later.
The activist said that the reservations of the people are too many; it is a direct abrogation of civil liberties and privacy. Also, she said that there were concerns with the vague terminologies used, which could be misinterpreted and bent to victimize internet users. There was also the over-lapping of certain regulations such as the Section 10, Cyber-terrorism. She said that the Pakistan Anti-terrorism act already covers Cyber-terrorism under section 11W, so the section 10 is redundant and unnecessary.
Miss Daad was also of the opinion that the section that prosecutes cyber stalking should be made distinct and should be elaborate, as cyber-stalking is not always with the intention of harm.
When she was asked how effective this bill would prove, Miss Daad said that if the law is not abrogating civil liberties and privacy and is being used for the sole purpose of apprehending cyber criminals, then this bill would be a welcome prospect. But the state that it is in as of now, it would instigate nothing but protests from the internet users.