TRTWORLD: Moeed Pirzada Analysis on Afghan Taliban !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada gives his analysis in Turkish news channel TRT World to discuss whether confrontation or consultation is the best path to peace in Afghanistan. Dr Pirzada said while commenting on the issue that Pakistan Administration failed to understand the reason why US decided to eliminate Taliban Leader Mullah Mansoor? Because subsequently Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was engaged with western world and Chinese from past two years and took part in peace talks initiated in Muree Pakistan. Even Taliban agreed to declare Kabul the capital of Afghanistan to be conflict free zone in the first step. But that was disrupted with the announcement of previous Taliban head Mullah Umar’s death. At that time US and Chinese were also present as an observer in Taliban and Afghan Government talks held in Muree Pakistan with mediation of Pakistan. Dr Pirzada tells that the fifth round of current quadrilateral talks on for Afghanistan peace process held few days before Mullah Mnasoor’s death and the reason why it was not successful so far was that US denied to fulfill any demands from Taliban although four of them were not very difficult to accept. That includes accepting Qatar office of Taliban, lift ban from travelling of Taliban leaders across the world, to stop calling them as terrorists and freeing some of their prisoners from Guantanamo bay prison. Only two of the conditions were tough like enforcement of Sharia in Afghanistan and Exit of Nato Allied forces from Afghanistan. Dr Pirzada said that it seems US was looking for creating conditions in the Afghanistan to justify their existence in Afghanistan and it might be because of Chinese presence in the region and their trade route and Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor.