Moeed Pirzada & Chaudry Shujat Hussain

An exclusive interview with PMLQ President Ch Shujaat Husain in before elections 2013. Dr Pirzada discusses the uncertainty prevailed in the country before 2013 general Election when at one side political parties were preparing for elections while on other side they were of the view that Elections would might be cancelled due to some sudden change in political scenario and unavoidable circumstances.

He said that PMLQ was registered as PML in papers but media used the term PMLQ. Ch shujaat said that instead of secretly blaming that some powers want to cancel elections parties should clearly name that Army wants to cancel general elections. They should name the elements if they know who are against holding elections.

Ch Shujat said that Army doesn’t want to stop the elections 2013; if they wanted they had many opportunities to come into power. He gave example of Tahirul qadri’s long march towards parliament few days. Ch shujaat said that not army but few people are against elections and want a technocrat government formation so that they can also get a chance in it. These are the people who can’t get democratically elected through contest.