Nabeel Gabol on MQM politics after Altaf hate speech !!!

Dr Pirzada talks to senior politician and former MNA of MQM regarding the recent hate speech of MQM head Altaf Hussain against Pakistan. Nabeel gabol said that MQM leader Farooq Sattar was being expected to renounce allegiance to Altaf Hussain, which he did not. He said that Farooq sattar is a weak politician who can’t take pressure. He considers that Governor Sindh ishratul Ibad could become a true Muhajir leader. Dr Moeed Pirzada mentioned a report circulating in social media about MQM strategy and plan to attack media channel and get their few workers killed by their already deployed snipers in order to defame rangers in Karachi. Nabeel gabol agreed to such report about MQM and added that rangers found about the plan which was the main reason rangers reached late at ary news channel and let the police intervene first to the scene. Nabeel gabol was optimistic about the improved situation in Karachi. He said that Muhajir’s are not traitor of country. They now recognize real face of Altaf Hussain working for Indian intelligence agency “Raw” .Posters and pictures at MQM headquarter Nine Zero was removed by their own followers. Nabeel Gabol also said that Altaf Hussain pretends and act like a mentally disable person but in fact he is trying to play smart for intelligence agencies of west and India to bring chaos and unrest in Pakistan. But Altaf hussain has become irrelevant to the intelligence agencies of India and west because he is now unable to distort security situation of Karachi that has improved as a result of rangers operation.