The Election Commission’s sneaky campaign: Sarwar Bari is in the house !!!

In an unprecedented move, the election commission of Pakistan decided to put up Display Centres for the registration of voters across the country. This move was very strange because the ECP, as it had promised earlier, did not advertise the campaign at all. According to Mr.Sarwar Bari, Chairperson Fafen, the number of DCs this year is far less than the previous highly controversial elections.
To throw light on the stats and facts, the man himself joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada. Sporting a cool ponytail and youthful dressing, Mr.Bari was well equipped with figures and numbers. He said that the clandestine operation that this ECP campaign has turned into, raises a lot of questions. The population density, especially in Balochistan, does not corroborate with the number of DCs put up to facilitate the registered voters. He said that the 9.8million voters (2016) are not aware that this campaign has been launched and is in full effect.