Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive talk with Nabeel Gabool !!!

Three factions of Urdu speaking community are pursuing for power in Karachi namely MQM-P, MQM-London and PSP. MQM is basically a party of Mohajirs (immigrants).There are 2 reasons of this pursuit in MQM:
1) Death of Altaf Hussain,
2) Will of Ishrat Ul Ibad to lead the party.Mohajirs votes are inclined towards Farooq Sattarr.Altaf Hussain is mentally and clinically dead.We embraced AH as a leader after he burnt the Pakistan’s flag at Quaid’s mausoleum.MQM is a RAW funded party which operates via Altaf Hussain.Majority of the speeches are delivered by Mustafa Azizabadi.Altaf Hussain delivered the speech on Aug 22 followed by his speech in USA.Altaf Hussain will be arrested soon in money laundering case.Altaf Hussain’s chapter is closed. He is history now.MQM-London comprises of three people only.MQM has lost ground and will lose the general elections-2018.PTI has rifts inside which hinders the party’s success in Karachi.Imran Khan should know, to become PM he must have the electable.