The Prime Minister should never have invited Modi to his home: Asad Umar


Senior Party leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Mr. Asad Umar said that it had been a misgiving on the Prime Minister’s part to not have bashed India when it has been openly blaming Pakistan for all its internal security issues and declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. The Prime Minister had avoided a direct question about Indian links to Pakistan terror attacks while speaking to press in Turkey, by saying that he did not believe in blame game and that he had always tried keep amicable relations with India.
Mr. Asad Umar further said that his party had had a very clear stance on Kulbushan Yadav. He said that it was not objectionable to them that the Prime minister had met Prime Minister Modi. ”But to invite a killer of 5000 plus Muslims to his home, Prime Minister Nawaz should never have done that”.

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  1. I believe this is slightly unfair to put PTI and its leadership in trouble by asking unreasonable questions. This is only IK who has started the process of accountability against corruption. This is only PTI which has started to clear flaws of democratic system. Asad Omer has presented the defects of dirty political system and solution to deal with Indian’s notorious games. When present government is failed to address them then people of Pskistan are responsible for current crisis.

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