There has never been a proper case proceeding against Altaf Hussein: Raza Haroon


Secretary General of Pak Sar Zameen party Mr. Raza Haroon joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada to comment on the turbulent Karachi politics. Regarding Altaf Hussein’s red warrant issuance and the denial put forward by Interpol headquarters on the extradition request, Mr Haroon said that all said and done, the Pakistani courts have never convicted the MQM founder in a single case; had that been carried forward, it would have been very convenient, given all the local evidences.


  1. A very thoughtful and though provoking segment, an effective local and city governments are solution of current crisis . As we know that we don’t have any honest or functional political elite to implement this system then question is who will do it ? Media anchors, writers and think tanks can only present the solutions but a powerful entity is required for their implementation. In fact our crisis is non implementation of laws and legislations . When our judicial system will be empowered enough to hold the law then most of our issues will be solved.


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