Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Zachary Harkenrider !!!


Doctor Moeed Pirzada held a discussion with the outgoing US consul general Mr. Zachary Harkenrider via satellite link from Lahore. The Consul general held optimistic views on Pakistan’s future. He had quoted previously in an Op-ed article in a local publication that he was leaving Pakistan as a guarded optimist. Addressing this term, he said that one should exercise optimism with a sense of humility and caution. He was very descriptive about his tenure in Pakistan, both in lahore as consul general and in Islamabad as Deputy head of political affairs. He said that he was confident that Pakistan had potential to become Asia’s next economic success story. Addressing a question about the often intertwined Pakistan – India – US relations, he said that America’s relations with both these countries existed exclusively and independently. Regarding the controversial killing of Mullah Mansoor, he said that it was a necessary action at the time and it was essential to the US and Afghan national security. Mr. Zachary Harkenrider also said that the US and Pakistan have been allies for the past 60 years and this relationship requires to be preserved. Mr. Harkinder said that he did not see the current turmoil in the US Pakistan relations as anything more than a difference of perspectives. He said that the United States has always been very clear on its policy about Pakistan, and it has always been one of strong ties and mutual cooperation between the two countries.


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