Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive talk With Imran Khan !!!

This interview was recorded at Imran Khan’s residence at Banigala, on Saturday, 30th April, 2016, as soon as Khan finished this interview he set out on road, to Lahore where PTI is addressing a huge rally on Sunday 1st May to kick start a “Anti-Corruption campaign” against Nawaz Sharif, asking Nawaz to come clean on the allegations arising from Panama Leaks. But so far Nawaz is sitting tight lipped on his assets and transactions and his party and loyalists are throwing mud at everyone else; trying to prove that since everyone else is ‘corrupt’ too, so Nawaz Sharif and family need not divulge, need not tell, need not explain anything.

Dr. Pirzada grilled Imran Khan for being so naive that he again fell in the trap of a ‘Supreme Court Commission’ and that his own party stalwarts like Jehangir Khan Tareen are under fire for their children holding offshore accounts, just like Nawaz Sharif. Pirzada repeated his thesis that Nawaz Sharif’s speech of 5th April, was a ‘trap’ laid out for Imran Khan, since Nawaz knew in advance of the Panama leaks, several weeks in advance, and he knew that Imran will reject Nawaz’s offer of a Commission under a retired judge to demand under one under Chief Justice of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif fully knows that any commission under Supreme Court will be equally useless, however once Imran agrees to it, the matter will go into a long protracted investigation and will gradually die. Imran did not agree. He argued that ultimately some forum is needed, and it all depends upon the ‘terms of reference’. He however added that Nawaz Sharif must declare his assets, taxes and transactions like David Cameron has done for all six year of power, so Nawaz should do it from the beginning of his political career, as he is facing charges of: illegal funds, money laundering and tax evasion. And he can land in jail.

Imran agreed that Jehangir Khan Tareen, Pervaiz Khattak and all those in PTI who have been exposed to executive role and political office must declare all their assets before and after the holding of office so that public can scrutinize. But he added that JKT has come up with details, of transactions and funds and Nawaz should do the same. He however emphasized again and again that accountability must start from the top, from Nawaz Sharif because he is the Prime Minister of the country and he must come clean. Everybody else comes after him. Regarding Punjab govt’s stern advice that due to security threat to Imran Khan, his rally should be held in Nasir Bagh, instead of Charring Cross outside the Punjab Assembly, he argued that the only person who is threatened by Imran Khan is ‘Nawaz Sharif’ and thus by implication if anything happened in Lahore on Sunday 1st May then Nawaz Sharif should he held responsible.