The Mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar joined in to talk about being the Mayor of the 7th largest city in the World, the city’s mammoth problems and the minimal authorities that he has been bestowed with. The Mayor said that on the Supreme Court’s verdict, Local body elections were conducted but the powers were not devolved to administer the city. He said that even if he were to get to exercise maximum powers of the Mayor, they would not be more than 27 percent of the total devolution. Waseem Akhtar also said that his party had protested for administrative authorities for the Mayor but to no avail. He also said that on the matter, Jamaat e Islami and Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf had not supported them. Commenting on his initial status, he said that as soon as he got elected as Mayor, 40 additional charges were brought against him. He said that it was sad how his name got included in the fourth schedule. The Mayor also commented on the situation of Karachi saying that there are heaps over heaps of litter all over the city and with limited resources, his Municipality is trying to tackle the problem.