Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: India may divert Trump’s attention with another drama

Prior to the inauguration ceremony of President elect Donald Trump, India could be planning something dangerous in the region which will divert the attention of newly elected president of United State Donald Trump. India has been trying to portray Pakistan as state sponsored terror state since decades. For that purpose India have also staged various incident and blamed Pakistan for all those terrorist activities which ultimately benefited India.
In 1995 Al-Faran group which was unfamiliar, kidnapped six western tourists in Kashmir and demanded release of prisoners. Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark in 2012 published a book ‘The Meadow’, which exposed the involvement of Indian intelligence and military officials in the kidnapping of Western tourists, who also knew the location of hostages. They also got to know that the local police and IB were trying hard to negotiate and get hostages released but high officials of intelligence and military derailed the process nor any foreign agency was allowed in intervene in the matter.
Indian action was part of larger plan to present Pakistan as the sponcer of insurgency in Kashmir as harsh as light as possible to the world at large, ‘The Meadow’ claims. Similarly in March 2000, when US President Clinton was on the way to India, 36 Sikhs was killed in a Chattisingpura incident in Kashmir. His trip was over shadowed by the incident which was also blamed as Pakistan sponsored action.
In December 2001 after 9/11 when Pakistan was a close ally of United States, an attack took place in India parliament which also left many mysteries. The next day India intelligence got all the details of attacker and facilitators which established suspicions in Indian intelligence. Pathankot and Uri attacks were also of similar pattern where Indian intelligence got all the details of attackers and their links with Pakistan. Such incident is possible before or soon after the Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony to sabotage Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir’s freedom struggle and Indian atrocities.