Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Did Nawaz Sharif achieve diplomatic goals in Davos or was it an utter diplomatic failure”

Prime minister was extended an invitation for participating in World Economic forum in July: Ikram Sehgal Defense analyst and security expert Ikram Sehgal, who is also a member of the world economic forum from 22 years, said that Nawaz was sent an invitation in July by the forum head. He refuted media claims against the premier for being barred from attending or making speech at the Forum. The member of the forum said that it is PM’s office which was supposed to secure some space for the premier as a guest speaker or co-chair, which it failed to do so. HE said ‘’ I extended an invitation to Nawaz Sharif to speak at the Pakistan Breakfast meeting at Davos, the PM office failed to reply on time and time was short, as I had to make an arrangement for guest speaker.’’ HE said Raheel Sharif accepted his request to join the forum as a co-chair and guest speaker, after his retirement in November. Applauding the role of Raheel at Davos he said that Raheel presented Pakistan’s stance and position in a very articulated manner.