Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Trump banning Muslims and fight against ISIS: Risks for Pakistan

Dr Moeed Pirzada discussed the current global situation and concerns of Muslims over the ban for entering in United States. How could it be risky and matter of concern for Pakistan? And will the upcoming policy to Trump to fight against radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS effect Pakistan?
Lt. General (r) Amjid Shuaib told that President Trump have divided the American society and by banning the Muslims to enter into America could be more harmful for them as it will increase the radical thought among Muslims and they could join ISIS. Professor Shehbaz Gill said that ‘Green Card’ holder have legal protection under the constitution, therefore this ban order will soon be resolved by the US courts as it has been already halted by the federal district judge and more than 100 detainees got relief, who were going to deport by US authorities.
On the issue of fight against ISIS Lt. General (r) Amjid Shuaib said that it not certain that America will eliminate ISIS from Afghanistan. It is because they have been built there to counter Russia, Iran and Taliban with the help of India. ISIS in Afghanistan is also meant to work against Pakistan. America’s and India’s main concern is Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.