Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Dr. Tariq Fazal Ch. perspective on Parliamentarian Behaviours

No direct action is required by Prime Minister over the scuffle between Murad Saeed and Javed Latif, said Tariq Fazal Chudhry.
An important discussion was held between Dr. Moeed Pirzada, and State Minister for Capital Administration and Developmental Division Dr. Tariq Fazal Fazal Chaudhry over the scuffle between Murad Saeed and Javed Latif. The minister said that we should respect all the members of Parliament. A committee has been formed by Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, therefore no action is required from Prime Minister. Giving his views over the statements of Javed Latif, he said that “I personally condemn whatever he said about Murad Saeed`s sisters”.
The 26th amendment in constitution presented by Zahid Hamid, was also the part of discussion, during which he said that Prime Minister is to take important decisions on daily basis. The bill was presented for the betterment of governance.