Tonight with Moeed pirzada: Issue of blasphemous content on social media


In an exclusive segment on recent issue taken up by Islamabad high court on blasphemous page son social media senior analyst/Journalist and columnist Mr Ansar Abbasi said that Government needs to take serious steps on the matter. He said Blasphemy and pornography are missing from Cyber Crime Bill. There is no mention of the most serious crime of uploading and sharing blasphemous material on internet and through social media.
Dr Moeed Pirzada mentioned five bloggers involvement in the blasphemous pages on internet issue. One of the bloggers recently gave an interview to BBC from Netherlands and refused to accept the allegation of running blasphemous pages on face book. Mr ansar abbasi said that government needs to explain that either the bloggers were running the blasphemous pages or not.
He said it is ultimate responsibility of the government to investigate and proceed further on this serious matter. Why government had to wait for the directives of Islamabad high court’s Justice shokat saddique.


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