Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Farewell..or is it? Salman Ghani on the Army Chief’s extension!


Mr. Salman Ghani, Head of Political affairs Dunya News TV, joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada to elaborate his anecdote in Kamran Khan’s talk show, in which he had speculated that the army chief might get a one year extension to his service. Mr. Ghani said that in light of the larger national interests, the dynamics of the Pak China Economic Corridor and his outstanding military services, the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif should be given am extension to his service. The time line of the extension discussions was also discussed. The debate was first instigated in early 2015, after which it was said that the COAS had conveyed his firm stance refusal to take any extension in his tenure to the civil government. Rumours of the Chief being promoted to Field Marshal were also floated, and after that an active media campaign was instigated, contemplating as to if the Chief will agree to extend his tenure. I’m January 2016, a firm no extension stance was conveyed by the ISPR via a tweet. The army has maintained that stance ever since.

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  1. I watched your programme again and it seems like that GRS is required to get extension for the sake of Pakistan. Honestly speaking we have been in state of war since Pakistan came into being. After a certain period of time which was full of blood shed and instability, we found a leader who has brought peace to our place, therefore we can’t afford to lose him at this critical moment. We are pretty sure that other army officers have same thoughts and policies but a strong Army chief with strong motives can’t be found again. I am surprised to know that why DG ISI is going to be replaced, it’s unwise and unfair decision. After GRS he’s the most intelligent and patriotic army commander.
    As far as Altaf Husssin and his party members are concerned who have left him for the time being and might be after NS’s approval are planning to come back would be a gr8 set back to Peace and stability of Karachi.
    Your show was really interesting and thoughtful, with due respect may I ask you a question: Why don’t you appear in Pakistani dress , I never saw you in our national dress, undoubtedly you look classy in this outfit but want to see you in that one.

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