Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Global hunger Index 2016 reveals a frightening situation for Pakistan !!!

Global hunger Index reveals a frightening situation for Pakistan from bottom upwards, Pakistan is below Bangladesh and India! According to the statistics of Global Hunger Index, the countries below Pakistan are mostly declared war zones of Africa and Afghanistan where civil war is raging and central authorities have virtually collapsed. Thee figures may not be accurate as a ground reality, as visible indicators do not support these facts. But it is important for Pakistan’s central and provincial governments to explain the situation and it’s importance for Pakistani media to discuss it vitally. Perhaps the overall situation of Pakistan has been made worse because of the critical situation in Balochistan and Sindh. Balochistan is 43% of the total territory of Pakistan with small and dispersed tribal population and has suffered from pockets of insurgencies and receives low rainfall. Punjab and KPK seem to be doing better. Peoples party or Bilawal Bhutto has been ruling Sindh for more than eight years and just today Bilawal Bhutto had a hugely expensive ” Salaam-e-Shuhda ” rally. But this global hunger index raises difficult questions for his leadership but why Sindh fares so badly?