Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Is Altaf Hussain an Asset for both Nawaz and Modi???

Pakistani government rescued MQM in money laundering case…
In a discussion between Dr Moeed Pirzada and Nabil Gabol on recent Program occurred on a Money Laundering case against Altaf Hussain , Nabil Gabol indirectly held India,Uk government of Pakistan are responsible for Altaf respectfully escape from the case.
He said there was enough evidence with Mr Nisar to prove him guilty he further claimed that Mr Hussain is untouchable in London because UK government wants to accomplish its objectives in term of their status in India.and Hussain is so useful for all these three including Pakistan government,UK government  and Modi.he said Pakistan government is set to supports all those factors which are against establishment.
On a question Cyril Almeida leaks Gabol respondent that Ch Nisar has caught the responsible personal and he will be presenting their name and evidence in an upcoming press conference and I believe that all those rotten egg will punish.