Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Husein Haqqani was forced to resign

Former Ambassador to the United States and PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada to comment on the on going Hussein Haqqani furore, the Indian abrogation of Indus water treaty and foreign policy matters.
Regarding Mr Hussein Haqqani’s recent article, the senator said that Mr Haqqani is entitled to his own opinion but people’s party has always been disassociated from such statements. She said that when the memo gate scandal appeared, Mr Haqqani was summoned back to Pakistan and forced to resign.
Regarding the rumours going around herself that she wrote Asif Zardari’s recent contribution in Forbes, she said that she hadn’t written that article. She further said that Mr Zardari had previously written articles as well.
She said that the Indian abrogation of the Indus water treaty is a real ringer and it should not be taken too lightly. We’re already on a bad note with Afghanistan and it has been costing us a lot of trade.