Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Islamic Military alliance & Decision of sending Pak army’s Brigade to Saudi Arab

Gen Retired Amjad Shoeib said that sending brigade to Saudi arab is separate issue from appointment of Gen retired Raheel shareef as commander of 41 countries military alliances led by Saudi Arab. He was talking in context of the news of Middle East Eye report, saying that Pakistan army is sending a brigade of combat troops to shore up Saudi Arabia’s vulnerable southern border.
He said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share a defense agreement from 1982 under which Pakistan can send brigade to Saudi Arab in case they need it for security. Gen Amjad said that this alliance is against growing presence of ISIS in different countries. Most of the countries in the alliance do not possess strong military forces and technologies. So they will require assistance and trainings from Pakistan and other main military forces.
While talking about ongoing military operation named Radul Fasad, gen Amjad said that it is an extension of previous operation zarb e azab. This will clear the sleeping cells of the militants and their facilitator & abettors as well. He said Army chief Gen qamar Javed bajwa’s visit to China is of utmost importance related to CPEC and bilateral relation with china.