Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Indian Nuclear Program Unsafeguarded

Indian Nuclear Program Unsafeguarded says Pakistani authors in book…. Dr Moeed pirzada discussed the important aspects mentioned by Pakistani authors in book “India Nuclear Unsafeguarded Program” published few days ago. A new study indicates that India has sufficient material and the technical capacity to produce between 356 and 492 nuclear bombs. Two of the four authors of the book Mohammad Ali and Sameer Khan said while talking in the program that the purpose of the study was to provide an understanding of the true history, size, extent and capabilities of the different aspects of the complex Indian nuclear program which New Delhi has kept outside the International Atomic Agency safeguards. Next NSG meeting is scheduled on 11th November 2016 and India is looking forward to get the group’s membership but authors of the book said that purpose of the research based book is to highlight the aspects of Indian nuclear program hidden from the world. They said that Indian nuclear program was considered a threat in the past during 70/ 80 after the nuclear tests conducted by India. But matter of concern is that now US is supporting India for getting membership in NSG group. They highlighted that incase India gets this NSG membership, it will leave negative effects of Pakistan.