Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Is PTI perceived as the only Real Opposition Party


Syeda Shehla Raza of the PPP joined Dr Moeed Pirzada to discuss the aftermath of the PTI sit-in, which was later converted into thanksgiving Rally by the PTI. Dr Moeed questioned the PPP leader on the popular notion about the PPP’s role as an opposition party as being friendly towards the Pml-n government. She refuted and said that it was the PPP that formulated the Joint opposition TORs on the Panama gate issue. She was questioned about the unwillingness of the PPP in putting pressure on Nawaz Sharif, on the Panama gate issue, as PPP did not come out on the streets to support PTI. Responding to this she added that Imran khan wanted a Solo flight for political point scoring and his intentions were not sincere. She supported the statement of Khursheed Shah, who stated earlier that Imran khan provided an escape route to Nawaz Sharif. Commenting on the statements of Bilawal Bhutto chairman PPP, who said that working relations can be developed with Imran khan, as through united opposition, PPP can converge on important issues with the PTI.


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