Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: International Best-selling historian ” The Silk Roads “

International Best-selling historian tonight: China cannot be contained anymore! Dr. Peter Frankopan, author of International best-seller “The Silk Roads” joined Doctor Pirzada to elaborate his much-criticized thesis that the West, was not really the centre of global evolution! The West, he said, was a conventional focal point; In reality however, Persia, China and the Middle-Asian states were the pinnacle of commercial exchanges until about the 1600s. He said that the West was aware of the fact that it’s engagements in the East and large parts of the world had been unsuccessful and controversial. Dr. Frankopan said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was China’s gateway to economic superiority in the region. Responding to a question about the Indian and US policy about attempting to contain China over time, he said that with the CPEC, China cannot be contained anymore. The best part about CPEC is, he said, that it is one of its kind. There are no other projects in the region of this colossal momentum and importance. Dr. Frankopan said that the world is going through a phase-shift; bringing itself back to the original map