Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Is MQM supporting Government or Opposition on Panama investigations?

While explaining about MQM party position on Panama Paper investigation senior leader of the party Dr Farooq Sattar said in this part of program that from the beginning of Panama revelations MQM took clear stance that Prime minister should have resigned on Moral Grounds. But their party never demanded or stressed that PM Nawaz Sharif should resign. Dr Sattar said that accountability should be started and there is need for an effective system to do so. He showed his concerns over the prevailing situation due to politics on Panama leaks investigations. Dr Sattar said that Government and Opposition should sit together to formulate new Terms of Reference for Judicial Commission for Panama leaks Inquiry. He said that MQM viewpoint has slight resemblance with Government. He said in the history of the country no one can find such precedent when any Prime minister resigned. Dr Sattar showed his concerns that democracy in the country is weak and fragile and that’s why cannot tolerate political crises. Dr Sattar warned the Government and Opposition not to do any adventure. He also said that current trend of organizing rallies. While commenting on PPP position Dr Sattar said that it has gone from high gear that was asking for resignation to low gear for panama investigation. Dr Sattar said that MQM is cautious regarding this matter. When Dr Pirzada asked him about chances of MQM joining Government, Dr Sattar categorically denied this chance.Dr Farooq sattar said that MQM was among opposition parties who had staged walk out during National assembly session on Monday after speech of PM Nawaz sharif in the parliament. He said that next fifteen days were important as Government and Opposition will sit together to work on mutually agreed terms and conditions for Judicial Commission on panama papers inquiry.