Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Mustafa Kamal’s Party and MQM hold in Karachi !!! Download

In the first segment of today’s show, former Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and a veteran politicial Sardar Nabeel Gabool was invited to analyze the current political dynamics of Karachi in view of Panama leaks. Mr. Gabool stated that government may sit with MQM on the issue of Panama Leaks, because it’s obvious that MQM have street power in Karachi. While on the other hand PPP and PML-N were committed to bail out each other in its tough time and the leading role of opposition in the parliament and outside it was of PTI only. Now PPP want to cash the current time as it was in nose down position in contemporary scenario. Ultimately PM has to set down from his position with next few months. He further stated that MQM’s back bone is just fractured but will reemerge again in the politics of Karachi despite Mustafa Kamal’s reentry with his “Pak Sar Zameen Party”. While PPP completely failed in Karachi