Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Women Empowernment & Parilamentarians !!! Download

In Pakistan, over the decades there has been a truck-load of discussion over women rights and gender equality, and most of it has been encompassed into political domains. Kashmala Tariq of the Pakistan. Muslim league (Q), ex-member of the parliament and notable politician expresses her views about the concerns voiced all across the state legislatures regarding the proportional representation and reserved seats for women in the parliament, an act which was imposed under the reign of General® Pervaiz Musharraf. Prior to this there was no quota reserved for women. The main concern is that there has always been a very minimal number of directly elected women in the Parliament.On the other side of the border, the indian legislature has seen a massive number of politically sturdy and dynamic women hailing from the grass-roots. These women, apart from being in impressive directly elected numbers, have also shown great leadership skills and representation capabilities. In Pakistan, the indirectly elected women, mostly hailing from non-political backgrounds and mindsets, face a lot of criticism and problems for usually not being able to interact with the masses.