Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Panama Papers !!!

The Panama paper disclosures have taken the world’s political spectrum by a storm, including the Pakistani political regime. The questions that have risen, are mostly not allegotary; they are not implications of ‘did they’ or ‘did they not’. The first question to be asked is whether if Paksitan is a democratic state or an eastern kingdom. If it is implied that we’re infact, a kingdom, then the general public can be dominated, harrasssed and subjugated into total control by the ‘Emperors’ of the state, without the right to question. The thing is, that Pakistan is on a stalemate in that regard. Pakistan takes its inspiration from the british parliament, where the clockwork runs smoothly but the forerunner is under scrutiny. Or closer to home, we take inspiration from the neighboring state, where no concerns against the establishment can be voiced, but the Prime Minister narendra Singh Modi can be anything but corrupt. The inquisition is important not only for the general public, but also for the statesmen, political
infrastructure, judiciary, blocks of the establishment, but most of all, the honorable Prime Minister Mian
Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his political party, Pakistan Muslim League (N). The second question in the narrative, is a question of seeking responsibility. Hundreds of people have been implicated in these disclosures including Politicians, businessmen, media barons and other prominent personalities. But all the other categories are constitutionally protected and if not, there is a
leniency in the question of technicalities and even morals; a businessman is supossed to reap profits and avoid taxes. A media baron is supposed to maximize the profits of his establishment. But being in a position of public authority, the Prime Minister and other stake holders are completely liable to answer; Where did it all come from and how did you take it out of the country?