Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Panama Leaks & UK Perspective !!!

Panama Paper is not only the local issue but it’s the matter of concern all over the world. To discuss the international perspective, British Parliamentarian Lord Nazeer from London was invited in the show.
After the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland due to huge pressure, Prime Minister David Cameron was also under great pressure and trying to clarify his position. Lord Nazeer said that although he didn’t do anything illegal but doubts are raised and opposition calls it hypocrisy. He should explain it in parliament and there could be no confidence vote against him from within the party. He further said that previously Margaret Thatcher also gone through the same process.
Dr. Pirzada said that such democratic practices are not done in Pakistan where whole party is explaining on behalf of PM and his family. Lord Nazeer told that in last meeting with PM he pointed out the corruption of his cabinet members which PM verified from Fawad Hassan Fawad. Dr. Pirzada asked that if international forensic accounting team investigates the matter, will it useful? Lord Nazeer said that such matters are difficult to track but it should be investigated. And PM himself should clarify his position.